One to one connection

One to one connects a set of source neurons to a set of target neurons by index such that each source neuron is connected to only one other target neuron. That is, neuron 1 in the set of source neurons is connected to neuron 1 in the set of target neurons and so on and so forth. If the source and target neurons are aligned horizontally, the user must tell the one to one panel to make vertical connections in order to maintain the one to one aesthetic and vice versa. Additionally, the synapse type can be specified as well as whether or not the connections are bidirectional (in addition to source neuron 1 being connected to target neuron 1, target neuron 1 is also connected to source neuron 1, and so on).

Dialog Properties

Bidirectional Connections: If checked, bi-directional one-to-one connections are created.

Excitatory/Inhibitory Properties: See Excitatory/Inhibitory Sub-Panel page.