Keyboard Shortcuts


Command-o: Open a workspace file
Command-s: Save the current file
Command-n: Create a new network
Command-k: Clear workspace (close all components)
Command-q: Quit

All Components

Command-o: Open a file of the given workspace type
Command-s: Save the current file
Command-w: Close the component

Network Component (Network must be in focus)

1: Set selected nodes to source nodes
2: Connect source to target nodes using current connection (by default all to all)
5: Turn display of weights on and off. Performance goes way up when weights are off so this is a good one to know!
c: "Clear" all. Set selected nodes and weights to zero. WARNING! Setting weights to zero is not always a desired outcome! Use with caution. A safer alternative is 'k' which only clears node activations.
Command-c: Copy selected items (does not apply to all groups and subnetwork types)
Command-d: Duplicate selected items
Alt-d: print debug info to the console (only visible if Simbrain is run from a terminal command).
Command-e: Edit selected neurons or weights
f: Fit camera to screen
F: Freeze / clamp selected nodes and weights. Repeat to toggle freezing / clamping.
g: Create a new neuron group
Command-G: Add selected loose neurons to a neuron group
i: Wand mode
k: Clear all node activations. Leaves nodes selected so that, for example, this can be followed by a randomization (r).
n: Select all neurons
p: Add or "put" a new node. Nodes will be added next to selected nodes or where you last clicked in the network panel
r: Randomize selected objects.
s: Selection mode (the default mode)
t: Text mode
w: Select all weights
Command-v: Paste selected items
Command-x: Cut selected items
Delete: Delete selected items
Escape: Unselect all objects and remove source handles
Arrows: Increment or decrement selected items (neurons or synapses).
Option-Arrows: Contextually increment or decrement selected neurons.
Shift-Arrow: Nudge objects (move them a few pixels)
Space-bar: Update network

Some Useful Key Sequences

n > c   to clear all neurons (set them to 0)
n > r    to randomize all neurons
w > r   to randomize all weights
a > r   to randomize all weights and neurons
n > 1 > 2  > r (to create a recurrent network where each node connects to all others)

Key Sequences for connecting neurons

Select source neuron(s)  > press 1 >  select target neuron(s) > press 2  
(Repeat as needed; when done, click in an empty part of the network window to-deselect all neurons, and press 1)

Dataworld Component

Command-r: randomize all cells within given bounds.
Command-n: normalize all values relative to columns.
Command-z: zero out all cells