Simbrain was created by Jeff Yoshimi


Recent primary committers: Jeff Yoshimi, Zoë Tosi, Tim Shea.

3.0 Primary committers: Zoë Tosi, Jeff Yoshimi.

2.0 Primary committers: Michael Heuer, Zoë Tosi, James Matthew Watson, Jeff Yoshimi.

Other code committers past and present: Kyle Baron, Ryan Bartley, Ashish Gupta, Scott Hotton, Eric Johnson, Jason Laurel, Lam Nguyen, Amanda Pandey, William Benjamin St. Claire, Mai Ngoc Thang, Jonathan Vickrey, and Sharai Wilson

Other Help

Art and design. David Fleischmann, Brian Nucum, and Elizabeth Reagh. Some of the graphics were acquired and /or adapated from Reiner's Tilesets, Wikimedia Commons (Michael Borcherds, Everaldo Coelho, Mark James, Markus Hohenwarter), and elsewhere in Creative Commons. Icons were also drawn or adapted from the Tango Desktop Project and Elegant Themes from

Thanks also to Saraching Chao, Rick Dale, Cheryl Evry, Jim Gregoric, Alex Holcombe, Matthew Lloyd, Simon Levy, Armin Mayrhofer, Connor Pemberton, Megan Pemberton, Jeff Rodny, Ricardo Velasco, Robert Young, Brandon Zielinski, and members of the Piccolo users group and the Sun forums.

Many other students at and visitors to UC Merced have provided valuable feedback.


This software uses various Apache tools, and the following libraries: Beanshell, Colt, GlazedLists, JAMA , JFreeChart, JGAPPiccolo, OjAlgo, RText and RSyntaxTextArea, SSJ, SwingLabs, and XStream. Some of the tools at are also used. Bits of open source code found online or in books are noted in code documentation.

The website is based on the skeleton framework and uses an unslider.


The development of Simbrain has been supported by several grants (Hewlett Foundation, UC Merced development grant).