Data Toolbar

The data toolbar allows the user to save or load the state of the workspace.

Open: when clicked on will bring up a file chooser, allowing the user to load a saved workspace.
Save: when clicked will bring up a file chooser allowing the user to save the current workspace.

Global Network Update Toolbar

The global iteration toolbar holds options allowing the user to update all the networks in the workspace simultaneously.

Global step update algorithm: One click will update every network in the workspace by one timestep.
Global iteration update algorithm: One click will continue to updating every network in the workspace iteratively until clicked again. Note that the image on the button becomes that of a "stop" button Stop. Pressing this button will stop the network. Thus the play/stop button acts as a toggle switch.

Coupling Toolbar

Coupling manager: clicking this icon will bring up the coupling manager, allowing the user to send information between different objects in Simbrain. For more information see: Couplings

Network, Statistic, and Training Toolbar

The Network creator: clicking this button will open a network window in the workspace. From the network window the user can construct any number of networks available within Simbrain.
The World button, when clicked displays a menu of the different kinds of worlds available in Simbrain. Worlds exist as a sort of virtual place where neural networks in Simbrain can both acquire input and in some cases effect their environment with their output.
The statistics button brings up a list of statistical visuals, which can be coupled to various aspects of Simbrain's neural networks.
The console button allows the user command line level access to Simbrain's features.

Iteration Display

To the right of all toolbars is a display of the current iteration number.  It can be reset to zero by double clicking on it.