Open Workspace: Opens a workspace from a stored .zip file. That is, open a configuration of workspace components (networks, worlds, plots, etc.), couplings, and update actions.

Save Workspace: Save the current workspace as a .zip file.  All components, couplings, and update actions are saved.

Save Workspace As: Save the current workspace and specify a name for the file.

Clear Workspace: Remove all components and couplings from current workspace, and remove any additional windows from the desktop.

Open Network: Open a Network from a stored .xml file.

Open World > OdorWorld: Open an OdorWorld from a stored .xml file.

Open World > DataWorld: Open a DataWorld from a stored .xml file (you can also insert a new Data World and then import .csv).

Edit Update Sequence:Open the Edit Update Sequence dialog; see update.

Workspace Properties: Open workspace preferences dialog.


Property Tabs: Opens Property Tabs, which is used to monitor the state of the workspace and set properties.

Reposition All Windows: Places all desktop windows in the upper left corner of the desktop and resizes them. Helpful when windows get lost offscreen, or when opening a workspace created on a larger monitor than the one you are using.


New Network: Insert a new Network component in to the workspace.

New Plot > Bar Chart:  Insert a new Bar Chart.

New Plot > Histogram:  Insert a new Histogram.

New Plot > Pie Chart:  Insert a new Pie Chart .

New Plot > Projection Plot:  Insert a new Projection Plot .

New Plot > Scatter plot:  Insert a new Scatter Plot.

New Plot > Time Series:  Insert a new Time Series.

New World > Data World:  Insert a new Data World.

New World > Odor World:  Insert a new Odor World.

New World > Text World - Display:  Insert a new Display World.

New World > Text World - Reader:  Insert a new Reader World.

New World > Vision World:  Inserts a new vision world (but these are in beta now).

New Doc Viewer:  Insert a new Document Viewer.

New Console: Insert a new Simbrain Console.


Edit/Run Script: Edit and run a workspace level script.

Predefined Scripts: A set of predefined scripts also appears in this menu. This menu is automatically populated with any .bsh scripts in the scripts/scriptmenu directory. Invoke a given script simply by selecting it. You can also manually edit the script, orcreate new scripts, add them to that scriptmenu directory, and re-run Simbrain. Any .bsh files you added should appear.


Open Coupling Manager: Open Coupling Manager.

Open Coupling List: Open Coupling List.


Main Help: Open Main Help page.

Quick Start: Open Quick Start page.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Open Keyboard Shortcuts page.

Credits: Open Credits page.