This page contains actions that are available from the network menu. Many of these are associated with keyboard shortcuts. Many of them are also available from various right-click or popup menus, and from toolbars. As often as possible, they are conditionally enabled, that is, only enabled if the right conditions obtain in the network window (e.g. neurons are selected for operations on neurons).


Open: Open a network file.
Save: Save a network file.
Save-as: Save a network file with a new, user-specified name.
Edit Update Sequence: Opens the dialog for editing the network update sequence.
Network Preferences: Open Network Preferences.


Cut: Cut selected network elements (nodes, weights, text itemssome groups) to buffer.
Copy: Copy selected network elements to buffer.
Paste: Paste network elements in buffer to screen.
Delete: Deletes selected screen items.
Clear Source Neurons: Deselect neurons that are set as source neurons.
Set Source Neurons: Set the selected neurons as source neurons.
Connect Neurons: Link neurons together as a connection.
Connect Neurons Group with Synapse Group: Connect source and target neurons with a synpase group.
Randomize Selection: Assign random values to neurons.
Show Synapse Adjustment Dialog: Show the synapse adjustment dialog for loose neurons.
Layout: Align neurons to a specific layout. See Neuron Layouts for list of layout options.
Convert neurons to Neuron Group: Convert selected loose neurons to a neuron group.
Align: Aligns neurons horizontally or vertically.
Space: The distance between two neurons.
Edit Selected Neuron(s): Configure neuron(s) properties.
Edit Selected Synapse(s): Configure synapse(s) properties.
Select: Pick out an element.
Select all: Select all screen elements (see selection).
Set selected neurons /weights: Open properties window for selected neurons or weights.
Clamp Neurons/Weights: Fixate neurons/weights value. See clamping.
Set properties: Different depending on whether you are clicked on a node or weight. If multiple nodes or weights are selected, it sets properties of that set. For more see neuron properties.


Add Neuron: Add a new neuron to the network.
Add Neurons: Add a collection of neurons to the network.   The update rule of the neurons and their layout can be specified.
Insert Neuron Group: Insert a set of neurons within one group.
Insert Network: Add a subnetwork to the network
Create Input Table: Create a test inputs table whose rows provide input to selected neuron(s).
Display/Edit Weight Matrix: Display a weight matrix viewer for the synapses betweeen designated source and target neurons.


User can set whether or not to show network toolbars.
Toolbars: User can set which toolbars to show in network interface. See toolbars.
Autozoom. Checking the "autozoom" box causes the network display to automatically resize the current neural network so it fits within the screen. Un-checking autozoom thus allows users to zoom in on data and pan it arbitrarily.
Show Neuron Priorities: Toggles whether neuron priorities (for use in priority update) are visible.
Loose Weights Visible: Toggle whether loose weights are visible in the GUI.


To create customize simulations or behaviors not possible using the Simbrain GUI, you can customize scripts. See Scripting for more details.

Save Network to MATLAB File: When you call this script, the activations of any neuron groups in the network and the weights in any synapse groups in the network will be converted to binary matlab MAT-files. Uses the library.

Popup Menu (Empty Canvas)

If you right click (or left click while holding down the ctrl key) anywhere on the network panel a pop-up menu will appear, whose contents varies depending on where you click and whether there is anything in the clipboard.

Add Neuron: Create a new neuron at clicked location.
Add Neurons: Create neurons.
Insert Neuron Group: Create a group of neurons.
Insert Network: Creates a new network of a specified type, at clicked location.
Cut, copy, paste: Act as in a normal application. Paste only appears if there are items in the buffer to paste; cut and copy only appear if there are selected items to cut or copy. Items are pasted to clicked location.
Clear Source Neurons: Deselect source neurons.
Sets Source Neurons: Set the selected neurons as source neurons.
Network Preferences: Opens network dialog.
Scripts: Open and apply a network .bsh script to the network.